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Partnering with business owners to drive growth and profitability in the industrial, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

- Stephen Hawkings


Gi-3 Growth Partners is a team of experienced professionals who specialise in adding significant value to manufacturing, industrial and engineering businesses. 

Our skill sets and experience are highly complementary as general management, commercial, sales and marketing, technology and engineering and finance.

We partner with our clients to create real sustainable value through performance improvement, and share risk with them on implementation. 

We are seasoned senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

With access to private equity and debt funding, we can invest £1m to £20m in businesses with identifiable growth potential.

Gi-3 Growth Partners


Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions

Large Capital Equipment

Automation Equipment

Conveyoring, Automated Robotic Bagging Machines

Underwater Lighting

Recycled Plastic Profiles from Mixed Plastics Waste

Industrial Chemicals

- Ammonia, Explosives, Plastics, Paint

Automotive Supply Chain

Heavy Building Materials

Gi-3 Growth Partners

Food and Beverage Operations

Dairy Processing



Plastic Bottle Tops and Bottle Manufacturing

Food Processing Engineering

Service Sector and Technology

FX Comparison Site


Artificial Intelligence

Process Automation and Services

Operations and Maintenance

Engineering Technology

Renewables and Infrastructure


Solar & Energy Storage Solutions

Utility Power Plant

Packaged Power Plants

Finance and Investment

Performance and Luxury Products

Tier 1-4

Asset Finance

Start-up angels

SEIS, EIS, Venture Capital, Private Equity

Project Finance

Gi-3 Growth Partners
Gi-3 Growth Partners

Unlock Growth Potential

Partnering with our clients

Partner with Gi-3 Growth Partners for Tailored Funding Solutions and Expert Management Support. From High Net Worth Investors to Venture Capital, We Connect You to the Right Resources for Growth. With an Enterprise Value Target of £3m to £20m+, We Tailor Solutions to Your Ambitions, Offering Flexible Staffing Solutions for Success.





Enterprise Value Target

Executive Corporate Experience

Patents held

Profit donated to SMF Scheme

Explore Success Stories

Case Studies

Discover how Gi-3 has partnered with diverse businesses across various industries and sectors, from recycling, dairy processing, global strategy, solar panel installation, and renewables startups. Dive into our case studies to uncover how we've driven growth, innovation, and sustainability in collaboration with our clients.

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