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Gi-3 Growth Partners



Product Development

Manufacturing Technology

Production Process Re-Engineering


Build Investment Case

Raise Capital

Investor Relations


Identify New Market Segments

Build Local & International Sales Channels

Increase Revenue Generation

How we engage

The team at Gi-3 are not consultants, they are implementers.
Gi-3 and the client agree on the baseline and a mutually aligned remuneration structure that balances risks and reward for all parties. Gi-3 rewards are structured and aligned to Client management incentive structure to ensure “team approach”.

Gi-3 Growth Partners



% EBITDA increase

From Baseline

% Equity 

From Baseline

Transaction Fee

% of New Investment

We grow EBITDA by a clear focus on:

Gi-3 Growth Partners

Increasing revenue generation

  • ​Enhance products and service offering

  • Identify and open new market segments

  • Build sales channels UK and overseas​

Gi-3 Growth Partners

Increasing gross margins and productivity

  • Simplify manufacturing and supply chain processes

  • Reduce business complexity

  • Utilise state-of-the-art technology

Gi-3 Growth Partners

Managing overheads and back-office shared services ​

  • Financial Controller & management accounting services

  • KPIs dashboards

  • Legal services

  • IP management

  • R&D tax claims

  • ESG

  • Health & Safety

  • QS systems

  • Investor relations

  • Company secretarial

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