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Partnering with Our Clients

To optimize your investability and secure growth funding effectively, partnering with GI-3 ensures tailored support in the following areas:

Understanding Investor Expectations

We provide insights into the diverse preferences and expectations of investors and lenders, helping you align your strategies with their criteria for investment.

Access to Diverse Funding Sources

Leveraging our network, we facilitate connections with High Net Worth Investors, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity investors, and debt funding providers. Whether you seek investment or acquisition opportunities, we enable access to suitable funding options.

Targeted Enterprise Value Range

Our expertise caters to businesses within the typical Enterprise Value target range of £3 million to £20 million, with potential flexibility for higher valuations, ensuring alignment with your growth aspirations.

Interim Management Solutions

Recognizing the need for dynamic leadership, we offer recruitment services for both full-time and part-time interim management roles. Whether for short-term assignments or longer-term strategic initiatives, our pool of experienced professionals supports your organizational needs effectively.

Our experienced team will assist or lead deal creation and fundraising for:

 Early stage, SME and mature businesses


Corporate and/or University spin-outs​



Gi-3 Performance Contracts

We contract flexibly based on performance and services

  • Sweat equity stakes in companies and SPV’s; realisable on liquidity event

  • Performance contracts against value uplift milestones

    • Option to convert into equity

  • Monitoring Fees / Board Fees to NED from SMF talent pool

  • Shared services fees: Financial Controller & management accounting; KPIs dashboards; legal; IP management; R&D tax claims; ESG; Health & Safety; QS systems; investors relations; company secretarial

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