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Expertise in Partnering With The Global Automotive Industry.

Hugely proud of the entire Dymag Group Ltd team in helping to create a truly state-of-the-art bespoke wheel for one of the world's leading car makers. This all-new lightweight wheel further demonstrates Dymag's leadership and expertise in partnering with the global automotive industry.

An advanced all-new lightweight carbon hybrid wheel from Dymag has been developed for the show-stopping Hyundai IONIQ 5 N NPX1 concept.

Created in close collaboration with Hyundai and Hankuk Carbon – further underscoring Dymag’s position as a leading OEM partner for the global automotive industry, the carbon hybrid wheel is lighter, stiffer and stronger than a traditional cast alloy wheel.

Such innovative engineering measures means that the new 21-inch Dymag carbon hybrid wheel for the NPX1 concept weighs under 10kg, saving a highly impressive 7kg per wheel compared to a traditional cast wheel, in-turn reducing total un-sprung mass by up to 28kg and markedly reducing rolling inertia.

The new wheel, along with other high-performance components, will be available for purchase by customers in 2024 through a new range of Hyundai N Performance Parts.


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